About Company

About Company

Tuchola’s Centre of Technical Education Workshops supply developing company based on mechanic workshops. The basic profile of its activity is production of plain and functional manual devices for plastic tooling of thin metal sheets.

What you can find in our offer is everything that’s needed to equip a body or roofing workshop: flanging machines, groovers, rotary slitters, coilers, wrapping machines, joint kneading machines and others made on a special order for a client.

Nevertheless we develop 50 years old tradition of technical education in Tuchola we do not forget about novelties, therefore a number of elements that our articles contain are produced with CNC machine tools.

Tuchola’s Centre of Technical Education is also an educative institution that trains welders. Courses are conducted under the essential supervision of the Institute of Welding in Gliwice. We acquire the authorization for training and examine welders in following methods: 111 coated electrode arc welding, 135 arc welding in carbon dioxide cover, 311 gas welding. We have well equipped welding shop with the seal of approval and qualified personnel with enormous experience, diplomas of EWP (European Welding Practitioner) and competence certificates of EWF (European Federation for Welding) which guarantee the highest level of training. We administer the accommodation basis which allows us to train students from other localities. The graduates of our courses work for many reputable companies. According to the present-day’s expectation of the work market we extended our educational offer by trainings for numeric tooling machine’s operators, which are extremely popular among companies that use modern cutting machines.  

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